About Morgan

Morgan Dinsdale, also know by her social media followers as Morgan In The Mountains, is a Writer, Holistic Sports Nutritionist (R.H.N), Photojournalist and an aspiring ACMG Ski Guide. Originally from the beautiful city of Ottawa, Canada, Morgan has spent the last 10 years travelling the world, following her love for the great outdoors and a life lived gliding across snowy slopes in some of the world’s most inspiring mountain towns.

Her greatest passion is sharing her love for adventure with others. She has built a life based around exploring the world. She finds immense joy in helping others help themselves through the beautiful world of whole foods and her business, Backcountry Nutrition. As a writer and photographer she shares the lives and adventures of others and herself through the scribbled word.

She hopes to spend the rest of her days helping others reach mountain peaks, experience the magic of the forest and find their own passions through the great outdoors. But above everything else, you’ll mostly find her smiling and laughing, surrounded by the incredible adventurers and dreamers she’s lucky to call family.