Chef Stories: PK Bodnar

Born and raised in Burlington, Ontario, PK has the classic east coast skier story. Skiing from age four on “east-coast-ice” and the small slopes of Ontario, he had grand dreams of moving out West in search of real mountains. Luckily, his other great passion, cooking, would compliment this dream perfectly. After earning his Red Seal papers, he packed his knives and skis into his station wagon and drove to Banff, Alberta.

Landing his first job quickly after relocating, PK began working at Banff’s Rimrock Resort Hotel in the fall of 1997. “I lived in Banff for four years, working at the Rimrock every night and skiing 100+ days a season at Lake Louise,” he recounts. “When I was moved from the main kitchen to their fine dining restaurant, which had been awarded four diamonds for several years running, I found my passion and technique for desserts growing.”

His work under the direction of their head pastry chef prepared him for his career with CMH. Though he wouldn’t know it at the time, a twist of fate would have it that his sous chef and good friend at Rimrock would be none other than Guy St. Hilaire, who today is the head of CMH’s Food and Beverage Program. Guy advised Paul to apply for a pastry position with CMH and in the winter of 2004/2005 PK began working for the world’s largest heli-ski company.


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