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A few years ago I made the decision to dedicate my life to the exploration of the great outdoors.  It seemed crazy at the time, but when I asked myself

What is it that I love the most in this life?
What passions most light a fire in me?, the answer was right there staring me in the face …

You love being outside.

Breathing mountain air.

Feeling powder spray out from under my skis.

Hiking deep into the woods to stare up at a white sky so filled with stars constellations seems to fade into the universe’s brightness.

Why stay in a 5 star hotel when you can have a 5 million star view?

I found that the deeper I got into the woods, the further I skinned out on my skis, the farther away from the city’s lights and sounds, the more I felt at home. One truth I heard loud & clear; find a way to make your love for adventure and exploration of the wilderness into a career.

This is why I’m a ski guide. Why my wanderlust isn’t just a few years after collage but a lifetime’s exploration of the planet and my place in it. Why I will gratefully blog, photograph, videotape and share with all of you that which takes my breath away … because its out there, just waiting to be marvelled.

If a church is God’s sanctuary then the mountains, the forests, these are my holy places. Let me explore the trails of the world on foot, paddle in hand, rope at waist, pack on back … I gratefully give myself to the adventure.

At the end of the day, I believe there is a compass in every human heart. For some, the needle points North. Others change their direction as often as ships are lost to the seas. In the end, all that really matters is that it points true, true to the heart within which it resides. And my only job is to follow it.

And my little heart will scribble away, sharing glimpses of the magic with all of you!